Sunday, January 18, 2009

The new year is upon us! I have found inspiration in so many unexpected places. A child I never met of a family I didn't know personally earned his angel wings 1/5/09. Coleman Larson was an amazing child of God. He continues to be an ispiration to his parents, twin brother, family,. friends and folks that weren't an immediate part of his circle. I read his mother's blog, and the journey Pediatric Cancer brought them to and through is nothing short of amazing. We have so much to be grateful for in reading about this little man's life. His mom just blows my mind. Her faith in God is just beyond anything most of us can comprehend. I hope some day she decides to share her faith story woth the world. She will turn it on its ear.

Me & my family have had a good start, albeit very cold the last week--subzero temps for more than a week. We're finally out of the basement & enjoying 20+ weather. The kids have been spending a lot of time skating, great exercise for them, peace & quiet for me & their dad!

One of my dearest friends and her family have moved back after a brief sojourn to another state. I had hoped they would return and am very glad they're back. There is so much I want to share; to let them know what their friendship means to me! Oh well, the time will come and the words will be right. How do you tell someone that they are the most amazing friend they've ever had? That they guided you to a life you couldn't imagine, let alone know you needed? Too many thoughts to share & I'm not funny, at least not tonight.

Lots going on, I am so hopeful and excited at our country's new chapter in history. I think President Obama will provide unparalled leadership, insight & will deliver our country back to the great nation it once was. God Bless you, Mr. Obama!

Best Wishes for the Happiest of New Year's yet!